Although I’m an SEO consultant who deals mainly with Google (it is THE most important search engine) until watching a recent episode of the Dragon’s Den (TV program on BBC2) I’d not come across the term Google Consultant before.The Dragon’s Den is a TV program where entrepreneurs/inventors pitch their businesses to a group of successful angel investors hoping to secure investment for a share of their business. In this particular episode someone was pitching something called StoryCode which is basically a book review service that is able to match similar books together, making it easier to purchase similar genres of books you previously read and liked. Since I own a network of Classic Literature book sites and also have the problem of purchasing books for my three sons (eldest is 15yrs old) who have a library of over 3,000 books (most have been read by my eldest teenage son!!) I found the concept very interesting. I was surprised they didn’t invest in StoryCode to be frank, but that’s not why I’m posting What was even more interesting (to me as an SEO consultant) was when an angel investor asked the person making the pitch what his job was he said Google Consultant and when probed as to what a Google consultant is he described what an SEO consultant (like myself) does! Cool a search engine optimisation consultant on TV and a UK one at that At this point you are probably thinking so what, what’s the big deal, so he calls himself a Google consultant and you call yourself an SEO consultant. AND?The big deal is this guy has found an SEO niche that I over looked and you might do the same in your business whether you are an SEO consultant or not!Now looking at the SERP Google Consultant I find the person who made the pitch on Dragon’s Den listed at number 1 out of 34,000,000 pages. That sounds a lot, but doesn’t tell you true competition, those web sites that are specifically targeting the phrase Google Consultant rather than just mentioning both words (many of my SEO pages mention Google and Consultant, but never together so I’m not true competition). An exact search (with speech marks) “Google Consultant” lists the true competition and it’s under 20,000 pages.This suggests the SERP isn’t a highly competitive SERP. Read more about determining SERPs competition.So this looks like a relevant niche SEO SERP that probably doesn’t pull in much traffic, but does look very good to potential SEO (or should I say Google Consultant) clients Wikipedia has a page for Google Consultant and it’s in the top 10 for the SERP. From the page-A Google consultant is a person or company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google search.Because Google is the most widely used Internet search engine, the commercial importance of achieving a good page rank on Google has grown hugely for many companies – particularly those businesses that rely on Internet marketing to attract visitors or customers to their websites.So from time to time take a look at your industry and see what others are doing and if you find a good idea use it. SEO is about using what works in the search engines and no matter how knowledgeable you are about your industry someone else will have spotted a niche opportunity you missed.

Google SEO Consultant

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